Physiotherapy helps to reduce pain and restore function and movement if you have suffered from an injury, illness or disability. We take a holistic approach to your condition treating the whole body.

As physiotherapists, we address and treat problems with your bones, ligaments, nerves and muscles as many conditions and injuries affect all of these.

Your first session will include an initial assessment which will provide you with a diagnosis and how we can help you based on what you want to achieve. You will also receive your first treatment. The number of follow up sessions will depend on your condition. Most people receive 2-6 sessions with us.

Our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced and will provide manual therapy, a hands-on approach to reduce pain and stiffness, increasing your range of movement and function. Manual therapy can include spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage, strapping/tape, or electrotherapy.

Electrotherapy, especially when used in acute injuries, for example an ankle sprain, is excellent at reducing inflammation and pain.

A key objective for us is to help our patients to manage their own condition. We will provide you with a bespoke exercise programme to improve your mobility or strengthen the affected area of your body. We can also provide advice on posture and other techniques to help prevent injury and pain.