Bike fit

Your bike ride can be a painful experience if your bike is not properly set up. Common complaints include lower back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain.

At our bike fit session, we will look at your bike and your body as one. You bring your own bike to the practice and we will set it up on the turbo trainer. We will consider your medical history, any old injuries in addition to the issues you are currently experiencing when out cycling.

Typically, we look at several angles the most obvious being the knee and shoulder. We will then make adjustments to your bike optimising your position on the bike which can relieve pain and improve performance.

We can also provide treatment for any injuries or conditions you have so that you can enjoy your cycle rides again. This might involve some specific strengthening exercises or soft tissue massage/release.

To book a Bike Fit, please make an appointment with Sue White. Sue has completed courses on setting up bikes to an optimal level. She is a keen cyclist herself.