Back and neck pain

Back and neck pain are the two most common conditions that we treat. Most of us will suffer from back and/or neck pain at some time in our lives. For example, as a result of poor posture sitting at the computer all day or lifting something that was too heavy. This can lead to arm pain and headaches or sciatica.

Some of our patients suffer from longer term conditions e.g. slipped discs, general wear and tear or arthritis. We can help with these.

You should seek help when pain does not improve after a couple weeks or is getting worse, if you are worried about your pain or it is stopping you getting on with your hobbies, or if you are struggling to cope with your daily life.

We recognise that when you come and see us in pain you want to feel better. We use joint mobilisations, manipulation, massage, strapping and electrotherapy to treat your symptoms reducing your pain and increasing your range of movement.

Your back is designed to move. Exercise will help you to get better quicker and we will give you exercises that will help to improve your pain, either in the form of pilates-type exercises to improve your core, or exercises to improve your flexibility. You will also receive advice on posture and ergonomic assessments especially if your pain is worse at work.

We will also give you help and advice on how to manage your back and neck problems in the future. This will help you to remain pain free and allow you to carry out your normal daily activities.